One of the most common tumors that strike women is leimyoma or uterine fibroid. According to renowned gynecologists and obstetricians, Uterine fibroids affect 25-50% of women from all parts of the world. Though uterine fibroid tumors may not be cancerous, you still must be aware that these tumors can pose serious threats to your health. It would be very helpful for women to understand what causes uterine fibroids. Aside from understanding the cause of uterine fibroid, you must also be able to recognize common uterine fibroid symptoms. By identifying the causes and symptoms of this type of tumor, you can effectively preempt possible complications that may arise from it.

First, you have to know the nature of uterine fibroid much better. Another term that is used by health experts for uterine fibroid, aside from leiomyomata is myoma. Myoma consists of fibrous connective tissues and muscle cells that grow within the uterus wall. Some may grow as a single nodule while other types may develop in clusters towards the uterus exterior parts. They may also vary in size.

The most common causes of myoma or uterine fibroid tumors have yet to be identified with accuracy by scientists. However, there are theories that uterine fibroid tumors are caused by varying genetic, hormonal, and even environmental factors. There are even cases, according to scientific theories, when the development of the tumor is influenced by a combination of these factors. Even if uterine fibroids are considered as tumors, they are mostly benign. This means that they are not that dangerous compared to other types of cancerous tumors that may develop in your body. The chance of this type of tumor developing into a full-blown cancer is very rare. However, there is still a possibility that it may. Aside from this possibility, women who have a uterine fibroid tumor can experience extreme discomfort. Those who have them should immediately seek professional uterine fibroid treatment.

As the old clich goes, prevention is always better than the cure. So it is important to understand how uterine fibroid tumors develop. Women who develop uterine fibroid tumors are usually in their 30s or 40s. This period in womens lives is considered as the childbearing age. This explains why women who previously gave birth are less likely to grow this tumor. In most cases, women who have uterine fibroid tumors do not show symptoms of it but there are women who experience severe pain and heavy bleeding during or in between their periods. Women who have the tumor also frequently urinate. This is due to the heavy pressure of the uterine fibroids to the bladder. Another tumor symptom is the full or heavy feeling that is felt in the womens lower abdomen area.

In many instances, uterine fibroid tumors do not cause symptoms, but some women who have these benign tumors say they experience pain and heavy bleeding during menstrual periods while some experience bleeding in between their menstrual period. If you are lately experiencing these symptoms, feel free to call a doctor or you can also visit the Fibroids Miracle website. Fibroids Miracle, for many years, is considered as the best treatment for uterine fibroids. By visiting this site, you will know crucial details on the best solution to solve your uterine fibroid problems.